What’s this blog about?

  Yeah, good question. 

Really it’s just a place for me to put in practice writing.  Writing what?  Something, anything, doesn’t really matter what.  I’ve got a sort of permanent writer’s block, I have a hell of a time getting any serious writing done, anywhere, ever.  Funny writing?  Easy.  Serious?  Noooooo.  So, I set myself up a blog just for writing practice, figuring I’ll just force myself to write a bit every day.  Doesn’t have to be good or anything, really it’s just about getting words from my head -> the page, period.  If it’s any good?  Bonus!

The name refers to a partially uncovered mind (mine) via my blog entries.  It might also correlate with the only-partially-revealed stories I type up.  It doesn’t mean there’s any actual nudity, sorry, though if you like, feel free to read this in whatever state of undress you find most comfortable.

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